Olivia was home with a fever today (poor thing missed her Valentine’s party,) but she managed to be a sport.  She modeled the paper in this photo and took the pictures of me and the paper.  I debated posting the pictures because I look quite dorky.  But, that’s me…I am what I am!

Much thanks to Avani of the Puyallup Herald for a well written article!  I’ve never been interviewed before, and it wasn’t at all scary like I thought it would be.  You’re a great reporter, Avani!puyallupherald-3-copypuyallupherald-2-copy


WHOA! You’r famous! :) Nice work Jenny!

You’re a superstar!

Love it, love it, love it!! whoo hooo. I’m friends with a famous person! Congratulations, that is awesome, and totally deserved!

um you are the cutest ever. :)

i see this and i feel instant excitement, a rush! how awesome is that?!?!?!?! go jenny! bring it thursday for the girls to see so everyone can feel the excitement, yay!

That’s awesome exposure!! Wow! How excited are you?!?!!!!

That’s so amazing! Congrats to you dear friend! And you DON’T look dorky!! :o) I’m proud of you!

AwEsOmE, girl! That is so great! Congrats!

Thanks Kacy Jo! My hair’s a bit of a mess, but oh well…and I had some time think about what I wanted to say, fortunately! But yeah, they are fun, too!

That’s so awesome Jenny, congrats! And those glasses are super cute on you :) Good quote too, I would probably be awful to interview. “Why do you like weddings?” “Umm… they’re fun?” lol.

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