When my friend Maricar emailed me about photographing her reunion with her husband it was a very easy and tearful yes.  Her husband Jerry had been called out of the reserves and in & out of Qatar for a very long 6 months.  Jerry and Maricar hadn’t been apart for this long in over a decade, so this time seemed achingly long.  Since their momma is a talented photographer herself, a photo session at the airport was no big deal for them.  They are young enough not to be suspicious :)

I am surprised that I managed to get any photos in focus with huge apple in my throat and tears welling up in my eyes.  To every wife, husband, child & parent with a loved one in the military- thank you.  Thank you for sacrificing your comfort, your day to day routines with the little ones, and the most precious family hours to serve our country.  We are so grateful.


Oh my goodness…such a heart felt post. What wonderful moments to capture!

I’m so glad she asked you to photograph this. It is really sweet.


holy tears. not even trying to hold them back. good work!

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