Chesney and I met in brief passing during that busy time right before a ceremony.  She is a fantastic wedding planner (check out her site HERE.)  It was one of those moments of meeting someone where you knew immediately, you liked them and they would be a good friend.  Since last wedding season we’ve met up and a few times and realize just how much we have in common: being moms, running businesses, trying to juggle house & career.  Anyway, I knew immediately we could be a great encouragement in our endeavors to propel our businesses forward and not lose sanity in the process.  When Chesney told me she was updating her website, I knew she would want a new photo showcasing her newly expanded family and had to make it happen.  Isn’t Ruby the cutest???  Anyway, we lucked out with the weather and ended up with a great, relaxing little session.  Here a few of my favorites…


Thanks Chesney! So glad you like them! Email coming your way :)

Thanks Jenny for the great photo’s! You are ONE talented lady!!! HEY! When are we grabbing coffee!!!! SOON!

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