On a rare and beautiful sunny February day, Mark & Brianne got married.

They are so in love.

And they make me fall more in love with what I do.

Mark & Brianne were married at Bethany Community Church in Greenlake and their reception was at Georgetown Studios.  It was a bit of a reunion for me because Mark’s older sister was one of my best friends growing up, so I loved getting to see his parents & family again.  Somewhere in his parent’s attic is video of my very first days playing basketball.  I hope no one ever finds them…

Their ceremony & reception were as relaxed & elegant as they are, and the day flew by before I even knew it.  This wedding had all of the elements of the perfect wedding…beautiful lighting, a relaxed atmosphere, a fun photo booth, sushi, homemade pies, and cherished family.  I loved how Mark & Brianne honored their family.  Brianne’s beautiful bouquet had mini photos of both their granddads & a small map of Haiti, where Brianne has spent some time living & working and is so dear to her heart.  Mark had his grandpa’s cufflinks on and his first dance with his mom was to “You are My Sunshine.”  Featuring his sweet dad on the harmonica.  I don’t think there was a single dry eye among the moms there…myself included.

Thank you so much for having me, Mark & Brianne!  I had so much fun at your wedding and enjoyed every moment.  Hopefully these photos will take the edge off of returning to real life now that you are home from Bali!


nice! love this couple, you captured the relaxed feel of this wedding. love the portraits with blossoms!

Jenny, your pictures are spectacular! You have a real talent.
PS. I know where that basketball video is and some day I’m going to pull it out to watch :) Good times they were.

So good. Can’t believe I missed it.

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