Remember this cute little family?  Well, meet sweet little Mercer.  Isn’t that the best name?  I love it!  And I love all of his sweet little rolls and all of his little expressions.  So in love.  All these babies are doing me in…

Thanks again for having me, Kejuan & Jen…your family is so beautiful!



Time for a little thumb war!!!  I always used to beat my sister at this…and yes I am five years older and I should’ve given her a chance..woods_collage

I LOVE Ava’s little arm up in the air and Keegan’s silly face…this is so them!mercer-9632-copy


Very sweet. I was stopped at the baby yawning picture thinking how sweet it would be to have another ~ until I got to the very next pic of the baby crying! haha. Very sweet series of the siblings together.

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