the pause.

In life it is so easy for me to go on autopilot.  Until I run out of steam and I hit the wall.  Hard.

I recently came back from a wonderful photography convention and the reoccurring thread was the encouragement to shoot for ourselves.  To shoot what we truly love and make time for personal work.  I definitely have not arrived, but I find myself easily sliding into a comfortable shooting style of what I know how to do…not pushing myself to find the pause.  There are times behind the camera when I’m shooting or sitting at my desk editing and I see something.  I have a dramatic, cinematic moment….sometimes I even hold my breath.  And I feel the pause and the world kind of stands still.

This is what I want in my photography.  To feel it and hold it for a moment longer.  And then share it with you.

  • Brandon said:

    Woah... love this shot!

  • MB said:

    What a spectacular photo and eloquent words.

  • Saskia said:

    So beautiful. That was just what I needed. You spoke to me.