Derek & Aleigha, how do I love you?  Let me count the ways…

1.  You laid down on a metal grate without a complaint.

2.  Derek, you broke us in.  (shh, not sayin where or how.)

3.  You took your shoes off and sat anywhere I asked you to…

Thanks for the fun session and showing me your beautiful city- Gig Harbor…and yes, let’s totally buy that coffee shop by the water!  Can’t wait for your wedding at the Farm Kitchen in September…thanks so much for the fun time.




Hi Jennifer. I’m a new Seattle photographer and I’ve been adding other locals whose work I admire to my RSS reader. I really want to add your blog, but it looks like your RSS feed is busted. (Firefox gives me some kind of recursion error when I click it, and my reader won’t add it manually either.) I don’t know if you know how to fix it (I’m not sure either) but I thought you might like to know. Let me know if you get it sorted out, because I’d really love to follow your blog!

Thanks… and, great shots in this shoot!

Nice shots! Looking forward to doing an engagement session at some point… these shots are great.

My favorite is the engagement ring on the toe in the sand… the crisp sand texture looks amazing and it’s unique from most engagement shoots.

i love the 4th one, she looks so very beautiful, her eyes, her skin…and he looks like Johnny Knoxville with those glasses (who i think is totally hot!) and i love how he is holding her hair, sweetness.

and of course the two of them on the ramp, composition is awesome!!!

I reeeeallly like that first image!

WOW! These are just stunning…seriously, you did amazing!! I am loving everything!

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