My camera bag was feeling awfully small as I arrived at Forza in downtown Puyallup.  Bulging with oversized lollipops (that my kids were drooling over!) and bubbles I mentally prepared myself for a family (with an almost two year old) that I had never photographed before.  As a parent, my expectations are totally realistic and although I’m an optimist, I prepare myself for the worst with toddlers (I’m also a realist!)  I have been there with two toddlers 19 months apart- yeah, you know that screaming child in the Target aisle in 2004?  Yeah, that was probably my kid.  I totally get that, and sometimes all you can do is bide your time for 7:30 when the lights go out.  So, although my kids are older now, I totally sympathise with parents of toddlers!  But the Saturday morning I met with the Leskes, all of my preparations were for nothing!  Jeremiah & Alex hammed it up and were as sweet as sugar for our session!  And parents, yes I did ask for permission before I pulled those monster suckers out!

So here is one of the sweetest & most adorable families I have ever photographed.  And if you are looking for a home, check out their sites here & here.  I would definitely buy a home from them if I was looking!

Thank you Sarah & Don for allowing me to capture your beautiful boys!  Can I call them beautiful?  Because they really are!  It was such a privilege and I had so much fun with your family!

Readers beware, serious cuteness ahead…




[…] There are times in your life when you can feel like it is the first day of school all over again.  “Will they like me?  Will I know anyone?  Do I look as nervous as I feel?”  I had one of those moments when we signed our kiddos up for soccer last fall.  I showed up to the field where there were about 50 kids and sadly I did not know one parent.  And there I was alone in a sea of parents…until a cute blonde sitting close by introduced herself.  And from there on, three practices a week I had a friendly face to look forward to seeing and the practices & games (all three of them a week!) flew by.  So, meet one of the sweetest people I have ever met, Staci, along with her husband Ben and adorable little kiddos.  And if Ben looks familiar, it’s probably because I photographed his brother’s family a few months ago (check out their cute fam here.) […]

Thank you for sharing. It has been said that a picture says a thousand words, how true. The quality of a picture says a thousand words about the artist who took them also…

Kind regards,
Don Sr.

Great images Jenny!

You’re so right about that last shot! How perfect. Great light, great colors, you’ve got it down Jenny!

Thank you, thank you!

My favorite is that last one! Love the lollies!

Super cute boys, cute pics and cute family!

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