Brandon and Jennifer met and fell in love over a cup of coffee.  Making a cup of coffee, that is!  Brandon and Jenn are so sweet together and so obviously in love.  I am so excited to shoot their wedding in Wailea, Maui next month!  I am already dreaming of shaved ice and snorkeling…



[…] Brandon & Jenn were married at the beautiful Wailea Marriot and had their reception at the Maui Tropical Plantation…yes folks, it was a rough day :)  Seriously, the day was perfect for us Washingtonian photographers…a beautiful, breezy overcast day, just how I like it!  Honestly, I started to annoy myself with how often I said, “oh my goodness, Jenn, you are SO beautiful!”  I was a bit of a broken record, but I couldn’t help myself… […]

I love the photo with them sitting in the yellow flower field and the one with them kissing in the tall green grass. Beautiful work. :)

I love this last shot, their noses fit perfectly together. Beautiful moment!

Beautiful as always Miss Jenny…… need a reflector holder in Maui?!?!?!? ;) ;)

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