There is something about the new year that is so full of optimism. A fresh start, a clean slate, a new adventure waiting around the corner. I love making goals, dreaming about the rest of the year and the hopeful feeling of the unknown. This quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson really resonated with me, “Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.” These words are the ultimate new year’s goal for life!

A wonderful part of looking forward is also reflecting on the past. Once again, I am incredibly grateful for all the clients that invite me into one of the most precious days of their life. The amount of vulnerability and trust on a wedding day with a photographer is truly a gift. Every year I think I can’t possibly keep getting so lucky with such trusting and loving clients. This year my lucky streak continued with an amazing set of couples that were incredibly gracious, kind and thoughtful to me and my associates. Family members checking in on me, sending me home with food, mailing gifts. What the what? So kind.

This year concluded my 10th summer shooting weddings. As a recovering idealist, it is easy to think about all of things that I wish I could do better at this point in my career, but imagining where I should be has never gotten me where I want to go. What a squeaky and uncomfortable rocking chair on which I have wasted many precious hours away with unproductive wishing. What I am grateful for is the ability to create something meaningful for my families. I have had many customer service jobs, and this by far is the most fulfilling. The most precious things in my home are the photos reminding me everyday of the people that have my whole heart and life and that I get to do this for other people is fulfilling. In the most practical manner, I can pick up my kids from school if they are sick. I can be around for weekday sporting events and bring a forgotten lunch if needed. This job has afforded me the ability to be the kind of parent I want to be with my schedule. And hey, working from home in your sweatpants with your fur babies at your feet? Living large! No one needs to ever see my bedhead.

With that, I am going all in onto 2017. New friends, I can’t wait to meet you. Come and take a look at some of the images I created in 2016. It is a good life and my heart has all the potential optimistic writings of many, many best days to come. Let’s go!

seattle-wedding-photographer-1seattle-wedding-photographer-2seattle-wedding-photographer-3seattle-wedding-photographer-4seattle-wedding-photographer-5seattle-wedding-photographer-6seattle-wedding-photographer-7seattle-wedding-photographer-8Sunset first dance at the Wayfarer on Whidbey Island. Summer 2016seattle-wedding-photographer-34Dog looks on during pre-wedding bridal time at the Edgewater Hotel in Seattle, Washington. Fall 2016seattle-wedding-photographer-9seattle-wedding-photographer-13Rainy wedding day portraits at Alderbrook Resort in Union, Washington. Summer 2016Kelli and Brett during their ceremony at Crossroads Farm in Snohomish, Washington. Fall 2016seattle-wedding-photographer-16seattle-wedding-photographer-17seattle-wedding-photographer-19seattle-wedding-photographer-21seattle-wedding-photographer-20seattle-wedding-photographer-18Rebecca and Deval during their wedding portraits at Islandwood Center on Bainbridge Island. Summer 2016A bride and her dad right at the beginning of the ceremony processional at the Wayfarer on Whidbey Island. Summer 2016Kelli and Brett during their sunset wedding portraits at Crossroads Farm in Snohomish, Washington. Fall 2016 seattle-wedding-photographer-15seattle-wedding-photographer-23seattle-wedding-photographer-32seattle-wedding-photographer-29seattle-wedding-photographer-14seattle-wedding-photographer-27seattle-wedding-photographer-37 seattle-wedding-photographer-36seattle-wedding-photographer-28seattle-wedding-photographer-25

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